Men of Iron

I have noticed that there is nothing like troubles to drive people to Christ. Whenever we hear of tragedy of all kinds, almost simultaneously with it we are asked to pray for the family, or city, or country. Well, to whom do we pray and what is it we expect from the Source to whom we pray?

It is curious that as long as life rolls along undisturbed, humanity do not ask any favors of the Source; but there seems to be something about illness, disease, tradegy or great need that compels us to a Source outside ourselves.

I was thinking that maybe this is one of the ways God uses troubles. Perhaps He stirs the earthly nest in which His children are reposing too softly, that we may be compelled to take heavenward flights.

You probably heard about this father whose daughter was "at the point of death" which is, I might add in passing, a point which we all must come. The paths of earth run in very diverse ways, but they all pass at last the "the point of death." It is a point that lies hidden from view; no one knows the day or moment when he will come to his personal "point of death" and yet, we all know somewhere along the sunny years we will encounter that point and sometimes this point is struck in early youth. The father's daughter, a little girl of twelve is "at the point of death." And so this father falls at the feet of Jesus in earnest prayer.

You know beloveds, the strongest fathers break down when their own children are in danger or seriously ill. I have seen men who appeared cold and stern as they carried their load of business cares, or pressed toward the goal of their ambitions. If I were to just observe them as they scurry around striving for sucess, I might come to the conclusion that they are hard, insensitive men of iron hearts and steel souls. But let one of his children be stricken down we get a different picture of the same men. We see these men of iron and steel melt like wax under fire and become himself as a little child. Suddenly, God is back in life's equation.

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  1. knights68

    As a General once said, “There are no atheist in foxholes”. lol and this for the most part is true. Those that do not normally follow religion “suddenly” find their beliefs enough to pray and beg when times are tough. When times are good…. surprise…. their God disappears from the forefront of their minds.
    A prime example of this is at Christmas and Easter. The congregation swells to Standing Room Only on these two holidays…. but look at the church a week prior… or a month later. Personally it bugs me, but people will do as they do.
    WE must remember however to not cast judgment against those folks. We must also consider not cast our own beliefs that everyone else in the entire world believes so too in every detail.

    October 30, 2012
  2. JumperK

    What complete and utter nonsense. Personally I have faced death and serious mutilation many times. I have seen men choking their last words out and never once did I hear them cry out for god (I can’t speak for the non-English, but their god probably differs from yours), nor have I, while face down in the dirt, ever felt the need to cry out for some magic deity to save me and mine; I relied on superior firepower, not some murderous god (spare me the you must hate god bits).
    There are numerous atheists in foxholes as I and my comrades can attest, also there are several websites dedicated to the very subject; Atheists in Foxholes being very popular.
    It is simply false to imply that most people turn to god in times of trouble; a great many empty pews attest to that.

    October 31, 2012
    1. thinkfree1
      I too – Jumperk and “Men of Iron” have seen the life and death of war; I also see in part your findings, but only in few parts.

      I lead a small group of volunteers “Men of Steel” to cross over North Korea military lines in order to lead small village groups to safety before our military actions took place. Even before any of our forces took any action, all of us were taking enemy fire. WE stayed behind the group until they crossed our safe line of our waiting heavy firepower return.

      We all took pride in our group and came from all occupations and believes.

      November 01, 2012
      1. JumperK

        and that has what to do with belief in god when the chips are down and you are down range?

        November 01, 2012